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How Does L-Arginine Relate To Libido and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection which leaves a man unable to perform sexually. When aroused a man's body receives messages from the brain which allows for the activation of blood flow to the penis. As this flow is increased it causes pressure in the penis and results in an erection. Unfortunately, for some men, this process is interrupted by either physical, medicinal, or psychological barriers and an erection is unable to be achieved.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical problem, therefore the first course of action toward treatment should be seeing your doctor. The doctor will likely do a physical exam and run a series of tests to be sure there are no underlying conditions causing you to dysfunction. You can aid in this examination by making your doctor aware of any and all symptoms. The treatment of erectile dysfunction itself is addressed individually. This is because some treatments may interfere or pose as risks to individuals with further difficulties.

There are several treatments now made available to remedy erectile dysfunction. In some men a vacuum device may be used. This is most often used in men who aren't candidates for certain medications. Implants are also an option. Of course, there are surgeries for almost everything nowadays and erectile dysfunction may be treated with vascular surgery. These methods are chosen only if medication may not be used or is not welcomed by the patient. However, there are several types of medications available. Alkaloids may be used if it is believed that your dysfunction is a result of stress, anxiety, or other psychological negativities. Your doctor may recommend injections of a prostaglandin formula if he/she feels this will be beneficial to you. Sometimes erections fail due to the loss of the hormone testosterone. In this case, replacement of the hormone is suggested. Most widely used are phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitors such as Viagra. These medications are most often successful but can pose potential risks to you and must be considered with caution.

These risks are one of the reasons why men are looking for alternative treatments. L-arginine is one of the most beneficial of these alternatives. L-arginine is widely supported by the Nobel Prize committee and other notable individuals. This is due to the fact that it has such a large range of benefits. Not only does it open the arteries and produce adequate blood flow which is a necessity for proper erectile functioning; it can also add essential benefits to your life. The use of L-arginine has been embraced by physicians, researchers and scientists because of its benefits to such things as heart disease, adiposity-generated diseases, immune function, high blood pressure, human aging, and of course sexual dysfunction. However, the list of benefits goes much further. Order Agel L-Arginine Now

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Chemical based products can cost $10 per-dose or more. We've teamed up with the product manufacturer, Agel Enterprises, and now, for a limited time only, we are offering a full container (30 days worth) of Agel L-Arginine for $65. It will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, and as L-Arginine is a well known and well respected Nutraceutical with libido enhancement only being a "side effect", discrete packaging isn't even an issue. Click here to order using our secure server, or to request more information.

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"With L-Arginine, I maintain a physique that is ripped enough to compete... even in the off season. And, my body has grown all over. L-Arginine is phenomenal!"
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"I have used it every night since I bought my first can. Taking one scoop per night improved my muscle tone miraculously. Within 3 or 4 days there was a visible difference, strength and endurance improved right along with the improved tone. I thought it might be difficult for me not to eat within 2 hours of taking the L-Arginine... before sleep, but the benefits are so great that it isn't hard to refrain. There is no way I would ever stop using this product..."
Claire M

"Being over 30, and using L-Arginine, I am still able to be competitive with women half my age."
Sherri C

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